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Offer Menu Christmas 1

Christmas Menu 1

1. Aromatic cheese balls with bacon onion chutney. 2. Green salad with lotus, pomegranate and pistachios. 3. Salad with wild mushrooms, black lentil pearls and Roquefort. 4. Brown soup with soft cream and crispy bacon. 5.traditional country meat pie. 6.classic stuffed turkey. 7.pork shank with caramelized potatoes Sweet American cheese cake.
Offer Menu Christmas 2

Christmas Menu 2

Green salad with fruit, pomegranate, nuts and honey vinaigrette. 2. Pumpkin, cranberry and quinoa salad. 3. Sweet pumpkin soup with caramelized onions. 4. Savory cheesecake with tomato chutney. 5. Cabbage dumplings with a light lemon sauce. 6. Rooster drumsticks with tarragon sauce. 7. Roast lamb with potatoes. 8. Pork with roast and fruit sauce. Sweet Chocolate fondant with cream cheese, fruit and chocolate pieces . Call us on +30 6907491980 for orders.

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